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On ski to the South Pole

We were so lucky that we got several offers of printing our report about the expedition already before we went. The choice became Aschehoug. The name of the book was “On ski to the South Pole”.

If you want to buy the book, which has 148 pages, you can do it here:

You can buy second edition here at the cost of 99 dkr.

Unfortunately the book hasn’t been published in English.

2001 Gregers Gjersøe, Kristian Joos & Aschehoug
Talking book

On ski to the South Pole as talking book

Read by Ole Ilum Hansen.
Duration 4 hours and 34 min. 4 cassettes.

Can be bought:
AV publisher “The ugly Duckling”
Planteskolevej 1, 5250 Odense SV
Phone: 65 96 35 55, Fax: 65 96 32 55
Postgiro: 1663704