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The hard beginning......

After the visit at the arctic museum, I started dreaming about going out on a polar expedition myself.

There were only a few small problems! Among others: I couldn’t ski, I hadn’t lived in a tent in winter, and I knew nothing at all about living in cold areas.

I began to devour all the polar literature I could get, and at the same time I started my own training programme as an education of a polar traveller. The training programme showed up to be somewhat insufficient as my first real expedition in Svalbard in 1997 ended after only 20 hours. I had got minor frostbites in 6 toes and strong bites in 4 toes.

I had to start over again and used all my free time practising skiing and training routines in cold environments. In 1998 I was educated as Telemark skiing instructor for the Norwegian ski school, and the year after I felt ready to try again.

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Kunne jeg selv tage ud på polareventyr?