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Talk "Danish X Greenland Expedition 1999"


”Death or the west coast of Greenland”, that was Fritjof Nansen's order, and that could really drive the six men in the first expedition across Greenland in 1988. Fritjof Nansen had made a courageous decision and would try to go from the almost deserted east coast in completely unknown land, to the civilisation on the west coast, a distance of almost 670 km. They fought trough snow, ice, storm and treacherous cracks in the ice for 40 days till they arrived at Godthåb on the west coast.

Inspired by Nansen, Kalle Kronholm, Kristian Joos and I took a little more northern route and in the opposite direction from Sdr. Strømfjord in west to Isotorq in the east.

It was a fantastic journey of 42 days, holding all that a crossing Greenland should hold: Lousy weather, low temperatures, magnificent nature, small and big challenges, drama and good fellowship.

Greenland is fantastic and I will show lots of beautiful pictures and a lot of video about the expedition.

Duration: 45 minutes. Can be enlarged to 2 x 45 minutes.
Target group: Firms, societies, people with a sense for adventure and the dream of doing the impossible.
Language: Danish/English
Lecturer: Gregers Gjersøe, or together with Kristian Joos

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The track from Sdr. Strømfjord in west to Isotorq in east