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"It's the ability to take more out of yourself than you've got.", Roger Bannister


Go for your dreams...

We humans put up some rules in our heads for what is possible for us and not least, what isn’t possible.

When I, back in 1995, after the visit at the polar museum began to talk about going out on a polar adventure, people told me that it was impossible as I was too old, couldn’t ski and knew nothing about staying in cold areas.

It was all something I heard so many times that I almost believed it, but all the same I decided to challenge myself and chase my dream.

A good example is the English runner Roger Bannister. He said that he would run a mile in under 4 minutes. Everybody told him that it was impossible and that it would never be done. When he had done it, about 30 different people ran a mile in under 4 minutes during the next year, and that shows that the limitations are in ourselves.

It is about dreaming to do something and realise it. I don’t think that the most important is to realise one’s dream completely. It might be learning to sing, painting a picture, writing a book, no matter what.

It is about starting on the way to the dream. It doesn’t matter that you don’t learn to sing like Pavarotti, paint like Picasso or write a best-seller. No, it is about starting, and when you have started, it brings along a lot of other things which are just as important. It might be a bitch in the beginning, but you win already – you have got started.

I feel that the last years have taught me incredibly much, and I like very much to come out and tell about my expeditions and the experience these last years have brought me.

In my talk I mix the words with video and pictures in a multi-media presentation, and I tailor the talk after your wishes. It is also possible to book talks where both Kristian Joos and I take part.